is good to be here– is warm and  very  laid back..many things to see and learn here– many fishies and  good souls in this area….am looking forward to spending some time here….

9 thoughts on “mazatlan”

  1. Zee,

    ARE YOU WARM YET? Time to get rid of those SD cold chills, eat some tamales and lots hot sauce. And poor kittycat is going to end it with a BERGY cat haircut to stay coooool. Last time I was in Maz was 25 years ago for a honeymoon, didn’t work out, the marriage that is. I had a lot of fun though. Being a south Texan I was raised on the TEX-MEX border near McAllen and Reynosa and loved going to the public market. Maz has a great market that you will enjoy and don’t forget to haggle on the prices. You are not a tourista anymore, you are a yachty. Good luck on the repairs and on lining up a crew for the fall. MJ and I are planning on a big party for you when we can all join up in the Gulf.

  2. ZEE,

    Was at TS and you said I would find pictures of the trip south,,,wellllllllllll I don’t see them. Where did you hide them? Looking forward to your photos. If Juan is still around, tell him thanks for assisting you in getting to Maz. I hope you are NOW well rested and ready to start again on your projects. 😉

  3. OldFart said:

    Great that you had a good sail. “Slow”? Yeah, and so what? Weren’t in any hurry, were you? Always remember and never forget, Where ever you go, There you are.


  4. i have pix in my sksolitarybird website here somewhere and in my fb sksolitarybird site and on my zeehag page–i havent loaded any into bubba’s page yet—he has many pix– juan lu is in ensenada as of yesterday adn sounds very happy–sez he misses me-lol– who wouldnt miss me!,and has been very seriously thanked.
    bubby is still surviving with 2 times daily combings for removal of excess furrz…today is a lil lless hot than usual due to cloud cover which will prolly dissipate by noon so we should reach 80+ as warm and i am thawing nicely!! i am even thinking almost seriously about rebuilding my fridge!!! and adding cooling fans to my system for more enhanced air movement..LOL… bubby will prolly sit on those– he did in gulf and broke a toe..oops…..he got caught in the fan for a second. not good for kitties.
    when i am able i will purchase another bunch of fishing gear, as mine –tackle box and line for fishing while at anchor , was removed from my possession by a renegade force in cedros…oops…along with my ipod which was a gift prior to my departure… hhmmmmm…… is all replaceable, over time…….in the meantime, the fishies here in harbor are teasing me by jumping a lot near my boat….
    fishermen here are very nice– they will share catch when have a lot of fishies– been having dorado fillets without any problem, despite not being able to catch on our way here..>LOL

  5. Reefer and fans!!! And you say I’m spoiled! (well, I am, but I did without on the last Journey ’cause she was tiny, ain’t doin that again..) But the ice is very good to have and so are the fans, get the Caframo fans
    They put out a ton of air w/ little draw. The other big find for me was these:
    You wet it down (even better cooled in reefer) then it keeps you cool all day. I wear mine around neck.
    See you in the gulf or islands Sailorette!

  6. Hi ZeeHag. Love your site. I have just purchased a formosa 41.
    I am looking forward to finishing the project. I come from a power boat background but was lucky enough to be invited to sail in the 2011 Sydney to Hobart yacht race on a Sydney 38 and loved it. I love working with wood and fibreglass and look forward to getting my hands dirty. I would look for any advice you can offer. Regards Brian McMillan. Melbourne Australia

  7. Judy Raymond said:

    Hi. We’ are in Ensenada now and are thinking about sailing to Mazatlan after sailing down the coast. We wonder which marina you recommend? We are not opposed th anchoring out but will need to leave the boat for a bit.

    Thanks and hope to meet you some time soon!


    • marina depends on duration and timing of leaving boat. if summer , marina mazatlan has best pricing for in water storage. isla marina, aka golden resort has low prices and so does fonatur. availability in marina mazatlan is better as it is a larger marina. over 3 months is best rate. the marinas are competitive in rates as long as the stay is over 3 months. el cid is still more pricey, and has more swell and more shoaling. there is a marina costa bonita however they disallow liveaboards and are quite pricey.

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