finally we go to shipyard

it seems a post about hauling out a boat into a boatyard is offensive material or inappropriate content or such inane bs as to be ridiculous for being censored. but that is what wp did this evening to my post. so you allget a different post as i cannot remember what i write from this typo to the next. hahaha
and so bird has not seen air on her keel since 2000 or so, and finally i have a reasonable yard with reasonable fees and storage rates with permission to repair her in yard. they already know m y worker, so that is great.
so we were spozedto head over on sat err tomorrow morning, but i didnot like the king tide curve on chart for tide .. the current out the entrance is a beast on wheels, and a deadhead boat towed thru that best be on magical scotties beam me machine.
so we go feb 7th. tide is not king–will be rather flat, so allis good. out we go.
the marina is so very dirty–brown dirt flying in air constantly due to construction right behind my boat with prevailing winds carrying the dust overto the main part of the marina.. nastiness. i willbe glad to get birdto a cleaner environment. there is no brown dirt flying in the shipyard to which we are headed.
itis amazing what you collect in the shortest time. i have occupied this boat since 2008, purchased her2009.. and my goodness, so much stuff. mainly spare parts for engine, and boat repair stuff.. but holy cow. so i have alll the items that were in my boat–hahaha except some, in my house i am renting . good thing the combined rents i will be paying are 1/3 the rent i am paying now, and when in the ways waiting for haul, gratis, whew .
i found a spongey area in my port foredeck, abaft the forepeak overhead, which is also a it soft– so this issue willbe repaired.. the stbd side was done in 2000, apparently, so i only have half to finish. plus the rest of the work needing to be done. this is probably the reason my bulkhead tabbing and cabinet tabbing cracked and broke. and only on port side..
we on this.

and ye wonder…..

why iu hvent posted much.. i have large sized problems with this platform.. they cannot find my site, they cannot manage to figger out why the blank page i am able to access is nothing but i a difficult using this site..

i wantto wish all amerry christmas and i wanted to show you allm y rental house i am occupying while repairs are tobe effected on bird, finally. i am actually seeking haulout in a shrimper yard in old harbor parque bonfils area of mazatlan. wish me luck. m uch is needed to be done both in house and in boat repairing.

old pic of it is barney purple with dark green trim. 1 bedroom and 2 bath with patio and cute… much to do ….

i wish i could cure the issues with wordpress so i can post new postings for you all but it seems wordpress despite having been paid in full for both the access and my domain has other ideas

update and tormentas!!!!

we are sitting in mazatlan summering as we have for the past few years. the tormentas are growing and coming at night which is a good thing, so our days are semi productive. no one on board is sleeping well during these storms as much lightning and rain are a major part of tormentas. we turn offalelectricity cominginto bot for the duration of each tormenta for safety as we are alone onthis dock away from and across from themain body of marina.

we emptied the walkerbay 10 first time of 10 inches of water, or about half filled, second night was 1/3 filled. glad i have a trash pump for this job, as thatmakes light work of dewatering so much water from dink.

we have finally figured outhow to stabilizeand securethebeam for shaft tube, which passes thru its delaminated self, andfor this ineedto find a storage and housing location. ahouse in th ebarrio is perfect, and prices are good, so we seek, hoping to find soon. icannot keep myuself and the cats ina boat with fiberglass anddust from said fg during creation and destruction times, so ahouse is the thing to find.

sowe fix th esmall stuff fixable without mayhem and respiratory compromise, then once a house is found, relocate all my goods into that so we can fix without regard for occupants.

alsothisnew setup wordpress is using isnot so user friendly– hard to log in and hard to publish my postings. crazyness. is only one reason why i have been negligent here.


ok so we changed out the batteries, which had been purchased in 2015, and consisted of 4 golf cart batteries, 6v, wet cell, and changed to 12 v wet cell x 2, lth brand, made in mexico.
the cases were beginning to bulge a bit and one had begun to crack. yup i know when to change batteries …..
the plan is to install 2 banks of the 12 v wet cells and improve the interior wiring and outlets so they are usable.. we have 6 solar panels, 1 small, 3 rated 3 amps and 2 larger ones. array to be determined once the hard dodger is created and constructed and solid lifeline system is installed.

we found a 12 v/120v engel fridge/freezer unit and of course didnot let it slip out of my hands….. will be placing it where the original fridge was, under the countertop in galley.
we have a lil cute mint colored 120v fridgelet we will place into the house i managed to find cheap for when bad storms arrive and for when we do major disruption of interior of boat… oh yes house–hahahahaha 3 br 1 ba with laundry room and shower inside and a huge kitchen which may need some tables and stuff.. put mini fridge on a pallette and voilaaa..fridge.
yes i did say house… as we have so much tearing and repairing to do this is a good idea… storage and occupancy zone for birdee and living contents hahahahaha me n catties. and the neighborhood is friendly. 150 usd monthly got htis amazing find. fridge is 500 usd. batteries are 6400 pesos with core charge of 4 batteries for 2 being purchased. so we doing ok , kinda.. budget is on life support but we doing…..
mizzen is just about finished–just needs one shroud for raising it again–those are difficult to find here, so we searching.

house is currently being resided in by a new zealander trying to get his self home. once that happens this house thing will hold my stuff and will hold me n catties when hard to breathe and incredibly itchy repairs are in effect. .

ok so…… life is a gassssssss

so i replaced old system with new propane in a regulation box, 2 of the 5 pound aka half sized aluminum tanks–yes i kept the old regular sized one, aluminum because momma bought it for me and i can use when this situation is straight…… with gage and solenoid and everything… i used first half sized tank for 2 months before reeek and all gone happened..i changed tanks and reeeeekkk grew daily.. ok problem. no likee…. first half tank only lasted 2 months when that 5 pound tank was empty. now i used to use a 10 pound tank over 6 months…second half tank was draining faster than i was using..oopsy… and reeek means oops…. and often means BOOM HAHAHAHAHA so i didnt boom
in the superinspection we found a cracked fitting to be replaced now, gage quit, replace now, hose leaky both ends..replaced now with aeroquip hosing(done) and new end fittings… whew so much work for a run out tank. we are making it so it will not leak and we put it together so it will leaklessly work until monday when we replace all the crappy old fittings with brand new awesome shiney bright propane fittings in and on aeroquip hosing . how cool is that.
i remember when racing cars was a fun thing for me that the teams i was friends and or working with would need new aeroquip, so i went to earls to buy it in signal hill. now itis readily available in mexico. is awesome.
i was just gonna use until the tank was empty, but stink grew daily, so i called worker and this i under way now… he agrees if client goes boom, he gets no money , so it pays to keep us alive hahahahaha
have a fun day.

been sweating and working on this birdeeee

finally the mizzen is ready…but parts missing that were accounted for…so we replace and move along towards restepping mizzen and removal of main for maintenance..
mizzen has some loely paint with a clearcoat imron protection, and bonded to the last coat of paint on mast for durability. a car restoration painter did the work. will show when all is done..
meanwhile we fought some termites and some other issues and added a proper propane regulation box and gage for pressure so i can see why i suddenly havent gas. go figger… is a lovely safe box.. with 2 of the 5 gallon tanks in it, and i have already used up one of those.

summer coming to an end means we may or may not have any canes this year[hoping la nina keeps em totally away. however this is the high cane season.
i wish we were sailing this year but we aint so lucky. still have too much work to do before we can depart. of the 2 yr refit i cam ein to effect, we have accomplished mebbe 3 months of work. that is a killer for sailing soon.
still gotta refresh engine, make dodger and set up davits and other fun issues.
bubba is doing well, getting old, but so am i.. and chico is still a lil pest and pita to bubba..bullying him but LOVES me…. is a shadow and always under my feet.
so much siamese.. i have a suggestion fo rothers– never mix a siamese gened cat with a maine coon mix in same residence or boat.. hahaha siamese will bully mc.. the big huge kitties are such gentle giants they will not fight back unless needed.

i have been bad at keeping up this site, but i am not ditching it. hopefully i will remember to keep it up better…

hahaha the fix is in…..

ok so we had a cu-rack   crunch nocturnal issue occur..    was searching all over for the  source–took 2 weeks..hahahahaha

so.  called worker and we got busy and strengthened the supports   under sole in framing…    there were 3 sites of    cracked  wood and broken fasteners.

used one  floor jack,   boards and  screws and epoxy to fix this mess and  ta daa…. no more noises when that sole is   walked on..  now for the other two cabins of squeaks….

these boats are truly built like brick  sh**houses…  strong and sturdy.   water ingress will yes break stuff..that we are repairing now… and masts… mizzenstep only needs fasteners for the    dish holding mast in place and  rigging   re[placed on mast itself then   restep into hole and done.    then we address mainmast…


and the only one we didnot   photograph has been    sick for  over a year and supported by a  bit of is repaired  and   sturdy again…..

life is good. formosas are easily repaired when shtf….

i love this boat.


formosa owners group (leaky teaky tavern)

ok so the most difficult part to find for these boats is SCREWS for the mast track. unable to duplicate and unable to be found at screw stores or wood building stores or other wood oriented and ship oriented areas of planet. impressive isnt it that a boat gets to become a reef for fishies merely due to screw purchase fail. and in a city with many sources for this product. wow. there are none in stainless nor bronze nor aluminum nor other materials. not even plastic.

instructions are not able to be followed despite being basic and simple. is not merely one nationality falling short–is all folks who claim knowledge of boats and boating and repair and invention. i am sooo impressed.

i wish my hands knees hips legs and broken back worked so i could do this my own damned self but noooo i get to watch gunsmoke and pay out money for nothing.

yup chose wrong city for repairing, duh.

my best connection got throat cancer and was failing as i arrived, ruling him out… thankfully he has recovered so perhaps we can use his recommendations.

right now my cats are doing a better job at repairing my boat than those who have said they want a hand in repairing her.


via formosa owners group (leaky teaky tavern)

lightning sucks

40088544_1561089037816519_rpecorarofriends ct41 was  90 percent finished for his retirement home use and lightning struck. it.   bad.   burned in flames.  his hull is still  intact as are some of topsides. these babies are strong, thankfully. he will rebuild again.

please find it in your heart to help a diabetic one legged  retired icu nurse   re-rebuild his   retirement home.  pictures and   spiel are in the  linky. please read and spread this word.