musical chairs…and the band played on


fun title, isnt it.. just dreamed it up as  bubba came to  lie down next to me for a bit.

ok so i  went into cockpit after  opening the engine   flow seacock. ok.   now w eturn on engine..

first   partial cranking, we has lift off..  might be a  whopping  half second after turning key we on and running sweetly and smoothly as    purrfect engines are prone to doing.

ok time to check water  out exhaust.  we has water–good flow.



not  spozed to has propwash while in neutral.  ok now what is wrong.. we must examine this.  so we  leave it as is and  grab a neighbor   as consultant–  hell it is obvious the issue– so he confirms it–i enjoy witnesses.

sometimes.  when they are necessary.


and then we add  tiempo aire to the fone so we can use the damn thing.  long story behind this one– coming down to telcel gals  terminating my service now 3 times  after i  had bought it… totalling 900 pesos  in their own pocket, not telcels.  there is a part of govt for this, and htis is  how i am  gonna proceed after bringing  it to attention of the   other telcel   managers in another   office.

(seems i am not the only one to experience  issues. all other gringos  have complained of service only lasting 2 weeks when   it should have lasted 4.  common complaint here in gringo ville….  speels scam to me. and on we go.

and so….  finally i have  air time on my  fone–i wanted to say hay to momma  on her poppas birthday and i wanted to call for  dentist appointment–and other   reasons, but kept   finding fewer and fewer minuets on my fone each time i went to the tel cel   office in liverpool mall. i hope any  one reading these words will go to the other office not so convenient to  gringoville, as you are also being  robbed.  as there is no money to go hand to hand, these are converting the minutes you buy  after you leave, into their own. three times of three, i went in, paid  dough got receipt went to the  number 24 window i was assigned and  had same exact thing happen–  receive  notice the   service was purchased and activated, then about half hour later, in spanish comes the message  the  service has been terminated. prior messages have been deleted.   nothing  not even regalo   left in fone.  they strip yours and take it as theirs.  fun.  and so  i need to  use the channels proscribed to report the issue to the feds so no more turistas are molested by this  issue.)

back to the point….. so we has prop wash, not spozed to happen and is brand new issue.. ok.

so i call benjamin, the mechanic recommended by a few  with whom i have chatted including my friend here.  he was here today diagnosed  clutch issue, forward clutch. ok is affordable….   he will  remove  tranny after  boat is relocated by tow to the  slip in which it is spozed tobe.

nothing ever works when you wanna move–only when boat wants to break in my sleep–but boat is 40 yrs old and has had a  unique history

so monday we move boat via tow  from marina to the slip i need to occupy, which was same one i had before dock was repaired…..

ok so next month–bicycle(cheap  mountain   type–many  gears and  decent off road tires for sploring and shopping here) and   electricos and  transmission.

mebbe shoes for  my birthday.  mebbe.


and i hope no mas de musical chairs here…….


seems  motivation, or motorvation, is one of the most difficult   concepts  i have   to overcome, as i have    very little at present.

i seriously miss my brother.   i   did much  because of  him– sent pix–yeah those were for   donny, not for me.   wanted to show him   how fun life could be.

well. yes life is fun. was a lot funner when i could share with my brother what i was up to.

i really miss him.  i didnt realize how much of my  motivation was    so i could show  donny what i was doing.   we shared many moments in life, whether we were   in same location or distant.  now he is gone.  with him seems to have  gone much of what drove me thru life.

plans always change

i am sitting here  now wondering how to manage my   finances and  haulout fees–  damn they high now…i hope i can manage to pull her out  of the water before birdee presents with serious issues  requiring  immediate    hauling.  i also need to repair that which broke on our trip  here from barra.  we blew out the  genoa on our way here, and  temporarily lost fluxgate compass  of autopilot. now i get to learn why that happened.

i went door to door   comparison shopping–it seems   the only way i can afford to haul out is if i careen somewhere or  head to guaymas, which i been  avoiding like plague.   desert doesnt agree with me, and allergy pills here are not  the kind i can use.  oops.

the only positivities i can  see immediately   in heading to guaymas would be  being able to haulout cheaply   and rent a place during the   work,  and  potentially visit with momma occasionally, as usa is only 5 hours away, and momma even closer in goodyear.  if i could convince momma to visit, she could ruffle bubbas furrzz with her  fingers. he is sooo soft.    funny how he grew so  much after leaving   san diego.  his vet in sd   weighed him in at 16.5 pounds with admonishment to have him lose weight–  but he wasnt fat. he IS maine coon mix, and now weighs in at a  very skinny 17.2 pounds, bone and skin with a lot of furrzzz.   i love huge cats. the only   disadvantage  to a large kitty is  stuffing his butt into a carrier.  seems he will no longer   submit to that treatment.  patricia cane scared him seriously.  he doesnt mind a tote bag, heavy  and canvas. there was room in it for him   wrapped somewhat in a towel  with his   heavy duty harness and  his tether.   he   was soooo very good in the taxi and in vet office and    on return he was out cold.   would look up at me  when i was carrying him home. his teeth are   good–one is broken, but not dangerously so, and  now all have  no plaque. that was sooo ugly and he was getting  sick from it, so it was way past time.

la jungla veterinaria is the best vet–  dr rafael used to be a dockmate  when we were first here. bubba had gone once to his office, but prefers to remain on boat..   i was able to hold him until he went  to sleep for his    treatment.  the  adventure was   as painless an d trauma free as possible.   so many vets   have ye not assist with yer own scared critter, and that increases trauma to that critter logarithmically. in sd,  they would   pull him away from me and  carry his scareded screaming  toothy and shreddy self into a back room, wondering why he was so  agitated.   he only likes and trusts me. no one else.

i had a lovely  vet in long beach   many years ago who allowed me to hold my  cats when   i took em in for exams– that made life  so much easier than listening to the scared screaming from another room.  that noise is unnecessary, yet seems to be the song of the people of  the   vets waiting room. oops.  i gauge my   willingness to visit a vet  by the noises i hear from the back of the   vet office.

ok so i got cat   attended to, now i  just need to   gather my  motorvashuns together to manage my own life and birdee

.  but it is so much easier to do  stuff when there is someone ye show off for.  dammit i miss my brother.  we donot know how much we miss another until there is no  option for ever meeting up again.


love my new boom. isnt it lovely wood?? is perota, aka  ipe, or huanacaxtle wood. i want the other horizontal spars of it also.  beautiful stuff and makes for a sweet appearance.


resting up

feels good, but laziness wants to settle in… ha ha haha
and so we triage the needs– first is electrical modification– panel needs to relocate so i can have mizzen stepped–someone had a wise idea of placing the electrical bus bars on the mizzen itself. okay.. we gotta fix what was done how many owners ago– someone didnt think mast was ever gonna be stepped for maintenance and repair, perhaps.
mebbe they didnt think boat would last this long… fooled them.. ha ha ha ha
bubba is trying to not get foot stuck to tape again…somehow that mean old tape affixed self to his hind foot–what destruction a scared cat can effect.. pooor bubba. fixed with some brushing and muffled laughter…..
we have neighbors with a goggie– bubba stands watch well when it comes to new critters to watch…..

ok so we made it to mazatlan…

with   a blown out    headsail, and  a  slightly  quirky  otto pile it, which  decided to   quit for  48 hours.

life is a fun  place.  sometimes  we get some interesting  events to play with.

and sometimes we get to   make   a new location    without   any  problems.

this  run was  expected to be worse than it was,  but it wasnt.

first half was  different  than second half, but bubba was happy enough and the boat managed to make it to mazatlan   without   submarining, so now we can  get repairs   begun.

we got into isla marina just in time for the blues party   at the palapa.  that was fun- food and    limonada natural and friends.   excellent music.

seems one of the band, the awesome guitarist, john,   has health issues and is    fading out from cancer.  that is sad. he is a good  guitar player. makes that thing sing.

a good time was had by all.

so we recover until time to repair    this  boat.   the fiurst thing shoul dbe  electrickery , which needs to relocate itself befoe i can step my mizzen mast, and the  toilet seat failed. ok.. so i needed a new one for ever, now i   will  replace with new toilet.

so many things to do and so much exhaustion from trip.

sleeeeeppp   sounds   sooo  gooood……

prepping madly, then…..

and so it goes, como normal…

because i  chose to await a mechanic who has   reliability issues i didnt know about until i   was waiting for nothing, i am still here.   with an air leak size of teejasss…..  denied by the  kid mechanic who installed   said air leak.


so NOW we have an older  fella who is    finding  the necessary items for the uninstallation of said air leak so i can have a turn key engine WITH a racor in place.

THEN, as my  financial window has slammed in my face, i get to await the reopening of same,   to plan my  exit from here   to correlate with   incoming    monthly deposits.


so we should be in mazatlan   mid april.

and before i leave i still need to    re-arrange my battery charging capabilities as my cranking battery only charges  with an external charger, not     by alternator . ggrrrrr.. that individual  who insisted on coming here     did a lot of damages, still being found.

ok so.. i  only need an electrician.

and my charger invertor is still with  my   very busy  electrician.

is only money..

ha ha ha ha ha ha

anyway–we will be leaving here   to get to mazatlan for repairs so necesaary.

we will be in mazatlan this summer

is only a matter of when can i leave here and safely make it to my destination.

seems weather and financial  windows do not open at same times……..





how the birdee got her name……

The conditions of a solitary bird are five: First, that it flies to the highest point. Second, that it does not seek after company, not even its own kind. Third, that it aims its beak to the wind. Fourth, that it has no definite color. Fifth, that it sings very sweetly. (John of the Cross: Sayings of Light and Love)


seems there was a man who used to own this boat, yet no name of his is on any records other than a  survey, named this boat solitary bird. i met this man in  la cruz de  huanacaxtle,  as he owned a restaurant named evas brick house  while i was there.

i thought i already  posted this but i cannot find it, so i repeat this .

don juan de mateus/don juan of the 11800181_982504901781456_972189824219480821_ncross  wrote 5   points/conditions  of solitary bird.

depending on whose translation is used.

another translation:

The conditions of a solitary bird are 5. The 1st, it flies to the highest point, The 2nd, it does not suffer for company, even of its own kind, The 3rd, it aims its beak to the sky, The 4th, it has no definite color, and The 5th- it sings very softly.”

i prefer the translation i  first posted, as i am in no manner soft—  singing sweetly is something birdee does, however.

she does wear her name well

aarrrggghhhhhh….estofado, otra vez

ok so  we tried for 7 days to  start engine.   we have rebuilt, yet again the injector pump, no joy.

ok i see.

we need a new one???  or is this something different?   i saw the  vent was filled with diesel fuel–that could be an issue— but…..

so we will change out vent hosing or  empty it of diesel, we have already  re rebuilt injector pump.

we have   rebuilt the lift pump that chukkee the devilboy  saw fit to dismantle, causing the   diesel leakage that    convinced me to remain here until the sabotage  he effected  has been addressed and reversed.  i have no death wish.

no joy, only  fumes   despite having  over 300 liters of fuel.  and now installed racor….and….asthma.

ok.   albuterol and  beclamethasone and improvement  but still have death rattle cough.

this is flustrating, as i   do need to relocate boat for   repairs unable to be   effected here.

is only 300 miles uphill   for repairs i can afford.  oops .

i am almost convinced i may never leave here–how does that song go–you  can check in but you  will never leave….

buying new injector pump will mandate my  remaining for   i donot know how many more months so i can pay for it and move without losing ability to feed cat and self.   this is more entertaining   each time, isnt it… so many things,  so few repairs that work.

juggling  the pricey renta here with purchases of  equipment is a challenge, at best… i am   so  ready to go–iff only this boat would cooperate–what does it know i do not???


waaay long time ago, before the beginning of time, and…

waaay long time ago, before the beginning of time, and after i lived in lost angeles and thereabouts, forever, i boat sat some different boats at the laurel street moorings in san diego.
once i bought my own boat , again, i relocated to coronado moorings. i also spent time on the other two mooring fields , as i was in sd from 1995-2011. quite some time., all on water, all over the bay, only place i did not keep a boat was anchorage 8, as that was no place for a lady to live.
1995-1999 was spent mainly in laurel street, with a month here and there, rock n roll hell and commercial basin, aka ac harbor. y’all new folks dont get it. ANYway, i made a buncha friends at laurel street.  we anchored around with a bunch of folks, and had a decent life.

storms in san diego bay initiate with winds from south east to north west, when laurel street is protected, anchorage 9 is open, then clock from nw, right through laurel street moorings, like a freight train, many times.
ok so this time was just last week.
i donot know, as yet what happened at shelter island rock n roll hell, which is usually destroyed during storms, but i have been in contact with a friend in the laurel street mooorings. i contacted him because i saw a pic of a few boats at the old “abandoned” fuel docks with balls still attached, wrecked after this storm.
i know i donot have many friends remaining in the mooring there, but the loss of anyone or boat is sad and difficult.
there was a force 50 named islander. i first met that boat in cerritos channel, port of lost angeles, in a repo dock, selling for 20,000 usd. and i passed her up. i watched her daily, across the channel from me–beautiful girl. she was itching to sail the far oceans.
then she left.
i relocated to san diego, 1995.
wow there she was… my friends’ neighbor. same boat. same name. prepping for travel, owner said. ok awesome.
easter sunday 2001, 0200 in morning, during a nasty nasty storm with documented winds at over 60 kts, islander broke loose from her mooring, drove herself thru 4 other boats, patsy n jimmys boat, jays boat, annies boat, and the boat of queen of the bay, mark.
marks description was awesome, it was imaginary , he said, so very imaginary, as the islander charged into his motor sailor. oops.
that was first one……. then came the rest.
she was repaired, as were the other boats, and life went on. i watched her thru her changes– she still has same owner, and she no longer preps to leave.
now she is on bottom, done forever., gone.
along with many other boats from the same neighborhood. yes all were seaworthy. yes all were affixed to moorings and yes all were able to get under way easily. however, these storms are flaming bitches.
i know .
btdt. many times.
and, yes, each mooring is checked annually, since the china chain incident, 2001, easter sunday , featuring islander, force 50.
i am sad these folks lost homes. they lost boats and many have no recourse.
dayummmmm. i still donot know how many lost, but the numbers are many.

hhmmmpphhh… lol

sitting in barra gonna have huevos rancheros and update what is not update-able from boat.

2 bar roulette wifi offered by hotel as amenity doesnt  connect at all.


at best.

and soooo…

we leave here second sat feb with bright moon   before sun.

still have fuel and other finishing ups to get done n out . gone.

spot works.

life rocks.