this new format for this site sucks. i lost already one perfectly good draft to its whims and whimsys. aarrgghhh.

the haul was a wreck. much damage and much anger due to the issue presented. the issue was supposed to be my sailboat aka home of 16 yrs..hahahahaha thankyou to my alleged friend and the crane operator who is not employed by the yard i have a wreckage.. bow fg broken sprit platform, teak, broken, sprit needs removed but is ove water so cannot for a while, until bot is over land in full. lower bobstay fitting munched well. bobstay wrenched out of fitting and so much damage. roller furler necessary for the size of sail and distance over water to manage said sail is wrecked thankyou mario. i thought mario was a friend. i guess even friendships need haulouts..hahahahaha

and then friend said to me i need to sell as is where is because i will never recover the money from repairing..hahahahahaha. aint a friend to say that. that my DREAMS hahahahaha are not worth the effort to repair the boat(my HOME and travel). from what i saw, only decoration and one punched hole and one roller furler were sacrificed by the supervisor for me. appearance group doesnot make the boat.

there will be replaced taff rail and caprail–perota wood is less pricey than is unavailable teakwood, and just as pretty. will use that.

we have covered completely the topsides of boat–unfortunately at end of rain season. oh well. is covered. and unfortunately after the disappearance of my heavy cowl vents cast in 1976 in taiwan. BRONZE. oh well is only things.. ggrrr.. yard owner placed em nicely into my dinette and someone followed and removed them from my possession. also slept on my bed. and what i had on my bed has been removed from my boat. gotta admit this haul has been most unusual.

when i finally de anger i can begin to work on the bird and work with yard on the repairs and refit. i WILL again sail my boat. bubba will again lie in his home of 16 yrs. that cat truly misses his home. he loves boat.. so does chico but chico only loves it 6 yrs worth and bubba 16 yrs worth. i think bubba wins this one he also loses.. he seeks scent of boat daily to rest his head.