so birdee was hauled out and placed on stands in open air. her damages are heart smashing for me.. her cap and taff have been mangled, her lower bobstay fitting i knew was to be replaced got mangled. there is some discrepancy as to whether the roller furler was damaged or removed…my heart is mangled with my boat.

i have been receiving fone calls from friends saying i need to scrap or sell as is where is my beautiful boat.. i cannot do this..i have to repair her. she is my home and my travel. she is home to my bubba and he misses her grossly.

we are in a cute 1 br 2 bath with patio and laundry room house for the duration of repair and want to buy said house for a base of operations.. i want to keep boat for sailing places i choose to sail and visit.

ok so i bought boat for 4650usd, actual price. i will need to put 10k anyway into it for making it good plus the repairs i needed to do before the destruction occurred. is still worthy of this investment.

house is 35000 usd. i havent that nor a savings to draw from. ok so i rent for ever and lose boat?

i buy house and fix boat?

questions and conundrum and broken heart. whatever i do i best do before the fall of usa.