it seems a post about hauling out a boat into a boatyard is offensive material or inappropriate content or such inane bs as to be ridiculous for being censored. but that is what wp did this evening to my post. so you allget a different post as i cannot remember what i write from this typo to the next. hahaha
and so bird has not seen air on her keel since 2000 or so, and finally i have a reasonable yard with reasonable fees and storage rates with permission to repair her in yard. they already know m y worker, so that is great.
so we were spozedto head over on sat err tomorrow morning, but i didnot like the king tide curve on chart for tide .. the current out the entrance is a beast on wheels, and a deadhead boat towed thru that best be on magical scotties beam me machine.
so we go feb 7th. tide is not king–will be rather flat, so allis good. out we go.
the marina is so very dirty–brown dirt flying in air constantly due to construction right behind my boat with prevailing winds carrying the dust overto the main part of the marina.. nastiness. i willbe glad to get birdto a cleaner environment. there is no brown dirt flying in the shipyard to which we are headed.
itis amazing what you collect in the shortest time. i have occupied this boat since 2008, purchased her2009.. and my goodness, so much stuff. mainly spare parts for engine, and boat repair stuff.. but holy cow. so i have alll the items that were in my boat–hahaha except some, in my house i am renting . good thing the combined rents i will be paying are 1/3 the rent i am paying now, and when in the ways waiting for haul, gratis, whew .
i found a spongey area in my port foredeck, abaft the forepeak overhead, which is also a it soft– so this issue willbe repaired.. the stbd side was done in 2000, apparently, so i only have half to finish. plus the rest of the work needing to be done. this is probably the reason my bulkhead tabbing and cabinet tabbing cracked and broke. and only on port side..
we on this.