why iu hvent posted much.. i have large sized problems with this platform.. they cannot find my site, they cannot manage to figger out why the blank page i am able to access is nothing but i a roadblock..is difficult using this site..

i wantto wish all amerry christmas and i wanted to show you allm y rental house i am occupying while repairs are tobe effected on bird, finally. i am actually seeking haulout in a shrimper yard in old harbor parque bonfils area of mazatlan. wish me luck. m uch is needed to be done both in house and in boat repairing.

old pic of house..no it is barney purple with dark green trim. 1 bedroom and 2 bath with patio and cute… much to do ….

i wish i could cure the issues with wordpress so i can post new postings for you all but it seems wordpress despite having been paid in full for both the access and my domain has other ideas