we are sitting in mazatlan summering as we have for the past few years. the tormentas are growing and coming at night which is a good thing, so our days are semi productive. no one on board is sleeping well during these storms as much lightning and rain are a major part of tormentas. we turn offalelectricity cominginto bot for the duration of each tormenta for safety as we are alone onthis dock away from and across from themain body of marina.

we emptied the walkerbay 10 first time of 10 inches of water, or about half filled, second night was 1/3 filled. glad i have a trash pump for this job, as thatmakes light work of dewatering so much water from dink.

we have finally figured outhow to stabilizeand securethebeam for shaft tube, which passes thru its delaminated self, andfor this ineedto find a storage and housing location. ahouse in th ebarrio is perfect, and prices are good, so we seek, hoping to find soon. icannot keep myuself and the cats ina boat with fiberglass anddust from said fg during creation and destruction times, so ahouse is the thing to find.

sowe fix th esmall stuff fixable without mayhem and respiratory compromise, then once a house is found, relocate all my goods into that so we can fix without regard for occupants.

alsothisnew setup wordpress is using isnot so user friendly– hard to log in and hard to publish my postings. crazyness. is only one reason why i have been negligent here.