ok so we changed out the batteries, which had been purchased in 2015, and consisted of 4 golf cart batteries, 6v, wet cell, and changed to 12 v wet cell x 2, lth brand, made in mexico.
the cases were beginning to bulge a bit and one had begun to crack. yup i know when to change batteries …..
the plan is to install 2 banks of the 12 v wet cells and improve the interior wiring and outlets so they are usable.. we have 6 solar panels, 1 small, 3 rated 3 amps and 2 larger ones. array to be determined once the hard dodger is created and constructed and solid lifeline system is installed.

we found a 12 v/120v engel fridge/freezer unit and of course didnot let it slip out of my hands….. will be placing it where the original fridge was, under the countertop in galley.
we have a lil cute mint colored 120v fridgelet we will place into the house i managed to find cheap for when bad storms arrive and for when we do major disruption of interior of boat… oh yes house–hahahahaha 3 br 1 ba with laundry room and shower inside and a huge kitchen which may need some tables and stuff.. put mini fridge on a pallette and voilaaa..fridge.
yes i did say house… as we have so much tearing and repairing to do this is a good idea… storage and occupancy zone for birdee and living contents hahahahaha me n catties. and the neighborhood is friendly. 150 usd monthly got htis amazing find. fridge is 500 usd. batteries are 6400 pesos with core charge of 4 batteries for 2 being purchased. so we doing ok , kinda.. budget is on life support but we doing…..
mizzen is just about finished–just needs one shroud for raising it again–those are difficult to find here, so we searching.

house is currently being resided in by a new zealander trying to get his self home. once that happens this house thing will hold my stuff and will hold me n catties when hard to breathe and incredibly itchy repairs are in effect. .