so i replaced old system with new propane in a regulation box, 2 of the 5 pound aka half sized aluminum tanks–yes i kept the old regular sized one, aluminum because momma bought it for me and i can use when this situation is straight…… with gage and solenoid and everything… i used first half sized tank for 2 months before reeek and all gone happened..i changed tanks and reeeeekkk grew daily.. ok problem. no likee…. first half tank only lasted 2 months when that 5 pound tank was empty. now i used to use a 10 pound tank over 6 months…second half tank was draining faster than i was using..oopsy… and reeek means oops…. and often means BOOM HAHAHAHAHA so i didnt boom
in the superinspection we found a cracked fitting to be replaced now, gage quit, replace now, hose leaky both ends..replaced now with aeroquip hosing(done) and new end fittings… whew so much work for a run out tank. we are making it so it will not leak and we put it together so it will leaklessly work until monday when we replace all the crappy old fittings with brand new awesome shiney bright propane fittings in and on aeroquip hosing . how cool is that.
i remember when racing cars was a fun thing for me that the teams i was friends and or working with would need new aeroquip, so i went to earls to buy it in signal hill. now itis readily available in mexico. is awesome.
i was just gonna use until the tank was empty, but stink grew daily, so i called worker and this i under way now… he agrees if client goes boom, he gets no money , so it pays to keep us alive hahahahaha
have a fun day.