finally the mizzen is ready…but parts missing that were accounted for…so we replace and move along towards restepping mizzen and removal of main for maintenance..
mizzen has some loely paint with a clearcoat imron protection, and bonded to the last coat of paint on mast for durability. a car restoration painter did the work. will show when all is done..
meanwhile we fought some termites and some other issues and added a proper propane regulation box and gage for pressure so i can see why i suddenly havent gas. go figger… is a lovely safe box.. with 2 of the 5 gallon tanks in it, and i have already used up one of those.

summer coming to an end means we may or may not have any canes this year[hoping la nina keeps em totally away. however this is the high cane season.
i wish we were sailing this year but we aint so lucky. still have too much work to do before we can depart. of the 2 yr refit i cam ein to effect, we have accomplished mebbe 3 months of work. that is a killer for sailing soon.
still gotta refresh engine, make dodger and set up davits and other fun issues.
bubba is doing well, getting old, but so am i.. and chico is still a lil pest and pita to bubba..bullying him but LOVES me…. is a shadow and always under my feet.
so much siamese.. i have a suggestion fo rothers– never mix a siamese gened cat with a maine coon mix in same residence or boat.. hahaha siamese will bully mc.. the big huge kitties are such gentle giants they will not fight back unless needed.

i have been bad at keeping up this site, but i am not ditching it. hopefully i will remember to keep it up better…