ok so we had a cu-rack   crunch nocturnal issue occur..    was searching all over for the  source–took 2 weeks..hahahahaha

so.  called worker and we got busy and strengthened the supports   under sole in framing…    there were 3 sites of    cracked  wood and broken fasteners.

used one  floor jack,   boards and  screws and epoxy to fix this mess and  ta daa…. no more noises when that sole is   walked on..  now for the other two cabins of squeaks….

these boats are truly built like brick  sh**houses…  strong and sturdy.   water ingress will yes break stuff..that we are repairing now… and masts… mizzenstep only needs fasteners for the    dish holding mast in place and  rigging   re[placed on mast itself then   restep into hole and done.    then we address mainmast…


and the only one we didnot   photograph has been    sick for  over a year and supported by a  bit of wood..now is repaired  and   sturdy again…..

life is good. formosas are easily repaired when shtf….

i love this boat.