ok so the most difficult part to find for these boats is SCREWS for the mast track. unable to duplicate and unable to be found at screw stores or wood building stores or other wood oriented and ship oriented areas of planet. impressive isnt it that a boat gets to become a reef for fishies merely due to screw purchase fail. and in a city with many sources for this product. wow. there are none in stainless nor bronze nor aluminum nor other materials. not even plastic.

instructions are not able to be followed despite being basic and simple. is not merely one nationality falling short–is all folks who claim knowledge of boats and boating and repair and invention. i am sooo impressed.

i wish my hands knees hips legs and broken back worked so i could do this my own damned self but noooo i get to watch gunsmoke and pay out money for nothing.

yup chose wrong city for repairing, duh.

my best connection got throat cancer and was failing as i arrived, ruling him out… thankfully he has recovered so perhaps we can use his recommendations.

right now my cats are doing a better job at repairing my boat than those who have said they want a hand in repairing her.


via formosa owners group (leaky teaky tavern)