something we all forget about when sailing long distances is hydration.
re hydrating is important–so is replenishing electrolytes.
i keep nu salt(potassium salts) on hand in my galley for this purpose–i mix a small shake into a quart of water with sodium chloride(table salt) shake a small amount of each into a quart of water–one small shake each. make sure isnt too strong, as that makes the stomach hurl. plain water will make ye hurl when your chloride levels drop too low.
first symptoms of dehydration are tender finger pads and soreness of tongue.
after these symptoms comes cramping of body–tonic and clonic—then you need clinic for iv hydration.
this is a serious matter which sailors need to constantly address, as our sailing causes stressors on our bodies–sun and winds dry us big time.
we recommended half strength gatorade in emergency rooms, and the recipe i gave will be a decent substitute for the gatorade half strength. if thinking is becoming fuzzy, sodium and sugar fro brain function is important. add some sugar to the mix.
yes, there have been sailors so dehydrated at sea they are in danger of death.
be safe out here and make sure you have ingredients in your cupboards and lockers to remedy this phenomenon.
you would not believe how difficult it is top remove someone who is essentially seizing from lack of calcium and potassium from a boat onto a dock or out of a boat for transport to a clinic or hospital for treatment that should have been taken care of by preventative maintenance on human body.
and dont eat the fish chile–was poison–glad i didnt find it.