one week left here in zihuatenejo–making priority lists for what i neeeed until i get to mazatlan. kitty litter and other catly stuff. am trying to save his fancy feast for later and when he is good kat–which is all the time, but i know the stuff is unavailable in much of mexico, kinda like hellmans or best foods mayo with the dark blue top–ye know–the regular mayo with fat and eggs in it–the good stuff.. they do not have that here. waah. they do have it in…large boxes cat litter–not until mazatlan,
go figger.
but i can get fresh produce, french pastry and goodies in barra de navidad…
and fish along the way…..and…..
poooor bubba….LOL
he will lose some of his freshly gained fat. he hasnt been hunting since birds got much larger than he is and have hooked and scary beaks…he sleeps at night, night herons have the pointy end….