zihuatenejo to barrade navidad,  2013  april.

zihuatenejo to barrade navidad, 2013 april.

has a gorgeous lagoon for anchoring — safe, protected, with afternoon winds to 30ish kts. bottom is gooey muck with rocks and more gooey stuff–is silt over clay over something else… one must use a good anchor–mine is a genuine bruce, 30 kg, and lots of chain–i think i have 150 ft in a depth of only 7-10 ft , mebbe 2-3 under keel. with luck..lol..is a shifting shoal and changes happen.cool place and an actual hiding place from furycames.
very few folks live here. is tourist town , and this is after season–i do not know how much of this town will be open in 2 weeks.
melaque is close by this town, mebbe 5 miles or slightly more. there is an anchorage there we have yet to use, and town has stuff needed for repairs–we are going to research where would be best for the repairs i need to effect, then we will re-determine exactly where we will be spending summer.
yes. spot works.