yup. just what i said—seems the symptoms we saw behind us in ocean were signs of oil and carbon an d stuff not spozed to be there….and so we made it into barra, as yáll know, and i anchored in the lagoon, which yáll know, and as we began to raise anchor the diesel decided to…..
what i said…
no overheat.
no detonate.
cracked all injectors to make it stop, after the kill button was shown to not be appropriate way to cease function of engine. so compression broken we were able to breathe again–took just under 5 minuets.
the post adrenalin shakes lasted 12 hours.
funny thing–the smoke attracted fishermen who assisted in bringing boat into marina, so is safe now…..
and steering cable popped off the quadrant as we were being towed….and we went grounded as we were towed—good thing is soft bottom here..lol…and the vhf didnt work for a bit–fixed connections, it does now…
has been a lil exciting this week…..

we may be here a while…..