from pump rebuilder—-all 3 bits we took in for rebuilding are finished–they only took one day–must be bored this season…..heat exchanger for transmission, injector pump for full rebuild, and lift pump for bolt removal and mebbe a a diaphragm for that item…..less than 3000 pesos…
now i was advised my injector pump would break me for price to rebuild—what does it cost in overpriced sin diego—over 1000usd???? …. i know someone from a reasonably priced locale quoted me 800 usd for a partial rebuild–lol….
we so rock.
thankyou so much my guardian angels for allowing me to break down in a lovely location with excellent pump repair souls who work for much less money than in usa.
god loves mexico

and so he found agua salina deep inside my injector pump, which as i recall was an add on before i was sent the engine—origin unknown — so i dont know its history–but while i had this engine so far, no sea water has come into engine. the injector pump is only place this happened.
what the innards of the pump looked like was ugly black goopy sandy mess… lots of grit.
the sea water was yellow and very old… i was fortunate it lasted this long–about 3000 miles–while translates into engine hours by multiplying that number by 3 kts- getting 9000 hours??? more time than i thought….but was only just under 3000 miles, so far–so we have been very very fortunate.
now the engine i properly aligned, finally, and the efficiency of the engine room has been addressed, extraneous wiring removed–finally, and we just await the trip to fetch back the parts and reinstall em….
the different parts are being painted different colors–lowest into darkness are painted light colors with some neon orange to perk up the mayhem…pix will come after the painting and reassembly are completed….
it will be gooooood to regain mobility.