10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_nok so we got m y engine running on friday , august 18,. 2014. whoooot and hoooray!!!!!

then not long after i received a message that my brother donny had died.


so every good thing in life must be associated or accompanied by and with a reallllly bad thing.

ok. where the hell was that damn dislike button.

we still need to install the rest of the bits of engine so we have wet exhaust and a separately wired and with its own switch electric assist priming pump. what we already did was merely to see the thing works.
it does.
so, now if i can find me the tickets, as all my money is tied up in my engine and boat, i have a cat sitter and i have a boat sitter, i need to get to momma and the family.
where the hell did i put that winning lotto ticket i never bought……….