wake up to gorgeous morning.
start puter for weather.. ok so far, so good..
turn on radio and speak with neighbor.. still good..
then put pot on for coffee– good thing i had made coffee in a pot sized quantity yesterday because my flame quit..
problems. try to relight– not. ok
cold coffee today. it just isnt as satisfying as that first warm cup in am as ye fail to type so someone can read it..
and the FAIL of bad paws as the *&@#* thing wont come unglued as fast as i did…
ok we still have a few neighbors to abuse.. yes guys, this one is for you!!! thankyou for the assist so i can re fill my tank. !!!!! and i will go buy a nother one so i have not one but 2 again.
my second one is so rusted after 2 1/2 years in our environment– the aluminum ones last loong time, but the steel ones are rusted to nothing rapidly, despite paing coating them.

yes i am still seeking someone with paws that actully function as a crew and sailpartner and adventure sharer…. have had no takers as yet– we see and seek….
one came close– but…. we see what unfolds as we go….