ok and so. with the whoops of having disrespectful crew yet again, and with prep for depoarture for points north for repairing important things and sketchy wifi and other connections.. and …..
it seems i will be tryying to pit a formosa against a furycame…. so, before i do this rash deed, i am repairing things i am finding broken by the last alleged helper..
one of these days i will find an apropriate soul who loves the boat and will help in exchange for sail time and a share the sail situation wherein all get along and have fun. seemsimpossible.
i am in middle opf toilet repairs–yet aqgain.. second pump assembly in 8 months.. why, you ask, do my toilet poumps self destruct so fast— prolly because alleged helpers/workers pump toiulet paper , aka papier mache , down th e hole. not a good thing to do . papier mache dont flush down and out, but remains within the confines of the hoses until such time as no one is around to help drag hoses off fittings and ye get a stopped head. oops.
as this is a somewhat shitty topic i think it is time to change it. topic that is
i will be removing my windmille before departure, as i have noticed some changed in mizzen mast. i wanna ge tther eintact, as much as possible…
and i have found the answers to the questions i received the wrong answers to whiole chukkee was here–i asked if he saw cracks in the glue lines of my booms, mizzen and main.. he sed no he saw none.
ok. i am glad i didnt count on htat as an honest answer,as the twain are cracked for at least 6 inches each.
oops. thankyou for honest answers–i thought he was here to help, but i learned otherwise. i fired him the same day we go there into marina, as he enmdangered boat by refusing to answer when i asked a simple question– is my sprit clear of the piling– i had to ask twice, and a neighbor, jim, of liebling, a beautiful amel, told me i was NOT clear…oops… but half length of sprit not clear.
upon returrn io=to interior of my bosat, after tying he roff to dock, i was confronted with the question”well, what ye gonna do , FIRE me??” to which i replied.YES.
and he was gone, spewing many wierd sentences as he left, such as..he had been shanghaid with 5other guys in florida and he was held captive and he yada yada.,.is schizophrenic. ok.
glad i didnt go to sea with this nutcase.. had a feeling, so i waited 6 months to see how we would get along– we would not. ever never.
and so…..
i had rqusted a leak be repaired in head hose– required 2 inches to be cut from length.. i found that therre wa sanew leak into boat and the part cut from hose was 8 inches.. ok. i aint gonna go down before i reach the yard, i hope– so i maintained my stuff.. new hose, new pump. ok. sreacock lubed and worked. whew
packing unit needs replaced or modified for reuction of ingress of water as i motor to mazatlan, as sails aint gonna cut it….
need racor fitltration system, in particular the water separator–mine seems to have been made permanentlhy nonfunctional, a spitcock fitting was destroyed then lost. ok. i had a 200 i am refitting for use, and seeking another of whatever number i can find to make 2 filters before engine, as i do not wish to make this engine nonfunctional. is awesome perfect .
my brother located for me a garmin, 498, same as i already have, so installation is spozed to be easy peasy.
chainplate bolts– i was told they are fixed. NOT. rodl
i was advised my … and so it goes.. folks were advised my boat was frepaired by this clown who tried to make it worse for me..
i found the problems and fixed em.
the original problems continue withou t change.. so..is not fixed.
and that is why i am retiurning to a place in which found a good crew with whom to work on this boat and friends in area and a good veterinarian bubba already knows– dr rafael of la jungla-awesome cool with critters…
no, we havent given up–we strengthening for renewed adventuring..