ok so     as i sit here typoing  i am   thinking this is not the city in which anyone should    dream of   finding a boat repair    assistant with any semblance of honesty.  and her ei thought i  had found a   rarity–an independent allegedly,  worker  without sticky fingers.  what i found has been a   lazy   soul with sticky fingers and    a  split tongue regarding    events such as lifting my   fiberglass   cloth–fine roving–which is required for   project completion.    ok….

so we  are again    going to work  with an incoming from  elsewhere.    hoping i am able to  get this   boat into mobility   condition so i can  relocate to a less gringo affected location  to complete my repairs.   in the 4 yrs i  have  planned for repairing this boat,   2.5 have been totally wasted    by waiting on the presence of a fail worker. ok and he took my   cloth without a by your leave and ran like stink off a wet dog.    ok.   this same man was able to rapidly deconstruct my   mast step in such fashion as to not remember  how to repair, then lost interest in the huge project/   gotta love it.  and so much depends on this projects completion, such as stability of   prop shaft thru a   beam that is semi  existent.

the    obvious bias of the marina is also a factor in the    unusually slow progress of     construction, as there is no key for the gate near my boat–funny how  there   is one when mv mariah  appears, but not one for anyone else.

there are laws in mx    regarding disabilities and  disabled souls, but these are not being followed in this area. there is a marina mafia     with obvious bias    towards folks with credit cards and huge balances thereon.

these topes have so far been     only a moderate    delay, however have grown as i have   remained here too long.   only 2.5   years of   a 4 yr refit, of which  none has been  effected.  ok.

so am i flustrated??    hahahahaha

when  the   worker   chosen    for the job   becomes bored and   sticky fingered and refuses to  work and   declares that the     items  he took were used on  a part of boat requiring care and   specific  work  habits and materials, there is  a huge problem.  when the worker hahaha alleged worker laughs when    work is mentioned  there is a problem.

when the worker cannot manage to accomplish even one project correctly there is a huge problem.   no work ethic and no   conscience–taught by the marina mafia     alleged  repair gangs present in this     city.

NO, mazatlan is NOT    a recommended repair     location, unless you have unlimited deep pockets and a penchant for thieves.  with  the completion of the   highway from durango to maz, this area is exactly like border towns..poor workmanship and  nonexistent work ethic.

so yes flustration.

gggrrrrr…i hope  next posting is more   positive. sorry for the rant, but   this is as it is at present.  i came in  under my own  power and  donot have that ability any longer thanks to  inept workers and  bad work ethic practiced in general in this city.