ok so we painted, finally, the mizzen but we only half way done and ran out of paint oopsy.
must wait 2 weeks to afford the 2 part epoxy paint i am using to paint this mast.
we finished painting the mizzen spreaders aka jumper strut. white. still need to place the stainless protectors inside the notches for rigging.
we have wreckage from mizzenstep in bilges to clear out–about 2 hours work to clean bilges after allegedly professional worker hahahahaha. then finish that so we can step the mast after finishing step repair.
created box for placement of panel and breakers and bus bars so no longer on the mast.
and so our continuation of this project, eerr interminable project , moves along…. kinda
our neighbor doggie had a stroke then a fall and we watching. chico da vato talks with goggie and screams when goggie needs something or dogs dad aint home. screaming siamese sounds until humans go nutzzz. he has a way of getting total attention and as soon a s dog dad arrives in his boat, chico is silent. magical.
bubba cannot eat wheat anymore–he pukes horribly when he does. so he gets real meat. raw. wont eat it cooked. no fillers. no grains. critters are interesting to watch communicate.