Mazatlan 2011

David’s SPOT GPS allowed a lot of our friends and Karen’s family to follow her journey from Ensenada to Mazatlan. The 954+ mile journey took 8 days and included a couple days down at Isla Cedros for repairs to the starter motor.

Karen’s entire journey can be viewed by following this link to the SPOT Adventures page where the journey’s live track has been archived.

7 thoughts on “Mazatlan 2011”

  1. Zee,
    I’m proud of you. I am also happy to see your boat is all you thought it would be. Your run down from Ensenada was really impressive. But the last two legs was like a woman driven. Relentless! Love it. You are close to Mazatlan now, last night sail; we are all pulling for you. You won’t know how many people care about you until you land. Then it is 2 weeks to answer all the E mails. The SPOT did keep us abreast of the trip. Thank you Karen, you have been an inspiration to me. nusailr

    John Taylor

  2. frenchy said:

    you go girl!!
    see all the worry before you left was just that huh?
    And the Mooring Company couldn’t get you hold you down!

    • mooring co still has control over ericson –as does robert, her manager–lol— please tell him i sed hay and cant call at present–i wll when i have enough cash and a mexifone to call with–i had to give mine to juan lu, as his fell into my bilge an di havent many folks to call!!! he does business on his……mazatlanis good—- send robert here…..kd

  3. Thomas said:

    Hey Zee what’s with the closing of the Single Sailor Seeking thread on Cruisers Forum? Do you know the real story? It’s doesn’t look like your friend Beatriz will come calling. That’s a good thing for sure. Be safe down there.



    • yeaqh .. frankZ couldnt handle our threaD DRIFT– WE DIDNT HAVE A TOPIC,AND HE I GUESS IS A BIT ANAL SO HE KILLED US sorry about caps i cant typo and i am sick as hell.. look for ssssm reopened but we all haveto find it..LOL…beatriz will goto sea nicely as she should–and mebbe i will live thru this wtf i have–isnt nice and is trying to make me not eat anything– it will win…. lol…yes, i have beencareful and didnt drinkany of thewater not in unopened bottles… i figgered ye would be looking for our lil companionship thread—- i s ssssm duex…… see ye there …..kd

      • Frenchy said:

        Hey Girl are you still in Matz?
        or did I miss the rest of the trip ?
        I saw that a huricane passed your way a
        couple of days ago,, you waiting the season out?
        Godspeed,, Frenchy.

      • gonna hang here until nov methinks—have a season to endure and some work to have yet done….. how is sd? lol
        i do NOT miss the place— mebbe i miss seeing my ericson every day but is all good….. say hay to kat…

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