what i sent to  salty monkey —


i saw the front on wunderground and was  wondering when it would catch us. it showed all the way to turtle bay as prefrontal and then  stormy. i  did   a decent job of sailing out on the prefrontals, and  when the bell fell we knew the ghost of jimmy was on me and my trip. we were saved from a mayhem– with a torn mizzen would have been a  bad thing.  david is good– he is a large help…no pun intended.

i watch the wunderground models and passage weather and  stormpulse and  a few other sites– i like watching th e   cloud pattern  form and move and i like to see what i  will have for a few days.  we did ok. the sky showed the   horizon hazes before the  stars disappeared and  showed the signs of approaching doom– we were ok–  during the calm  was the actual time of change in direction. calm before storm is a good way to call it. the stars were awesome– then th e haze at the horizon  started to  grow thicker and obliterate the  stars entirely and we were in a cloud cover– the moon was awesome until this time.   this all happened just before moonset. i will be using davids spot for a bit yet– until i hit mazatllan. he is feeling good about the jobs i gave him– he brought us into ensenada– in the dark– i was here with him– so he knows about the difficulty of seeing  the  port and  sights in night time.  gets very confuzing  in dark.   ensenada isnt a difficult port to enter, so was a good experience for him , and for me, a swell. i dont like entering ports at night.
david is ok– heis a good guy. very helpful. more reliable than my own son.. he has been helping me for 3 months before we left– he will stay around.