ok kids-i am in ensenada now–i  am on my way to mazatlan  sailing my solitary bird, a 41 f ormosa ketch with my  boatkat and my self and occasional crew.   crew is  nice on long passages  to share the  work of sailing  a big boat.

there is a yard in mazatlan i plan to use to haul my boat, and i have friends there to welcome me  into their  neighborhood.

i will add pictures as  my internet services allow– i  am using wifi  here in mazatlan. my boat is in a quaint lil  marina  called juanitos boats.  i was ging to sail straight thru to mazatlan, but  on eof my crew developed a case of  mal de mer from  the underworld– so , a she was looking paler and paler and  not so  spifff, i  ran into ensenada for a couple of days. now port is closed for high winds and i am stuck  for a minuet. i will  leave after this front  leaves us. i was hoping  to use th e prefrontal winds to get us out  and  farther into  mexico than ensenada, but ,  as we say, stuff happens.

my crew saw whales–grey  whales migrating north, and we saw dolphins and was awesome!!!!!