havent been normal since i wasa a lil kid. found out why in my 48th year of life. wow. ok, so we keep on keeping on..no disaster…kept working until i was 55, at which point, finding new jobs becomes a nonfactor. doesnt happen. thank gods i am rn.
grew disabled and no longer able to fiunction in the career field in which i was trained –got my self together and found a getaway boat knowing my ericson would sell in a heartbeat. ooops market fell into agreat hole. no bigggie. we keep on– so i have 2 boats. something to fall back on if something happens to this one before mortgage is due. at that time i sign ericson to the man i bought this boat from and we are great and free.
health issues were main reason for exiting cold kali– am here in mazatlan with exactly opposite climate–is awesome— my bod is reactinhg to something– not montys water, and i am convinced the condition keeping me from knowing nroamlcy is becoming more advanced, as i am older than many i have known with this ….. is all good—my kat thinks i am dying and i am still alive and having time of my life.
my problem is my kat. bubba is mine. he loves me , i am his family. he cannot outlive me unless someone can care for a mourning kitty. i spoil his ass and love him dearly–i never met a cat more perfect than this one. goood buddy and family member– guards me and boat and makes sure we are all fine. we have agreements–hairballs on floor, not clothing, scratch on poost i made him, eat foods i give him and we try to comb him every day.
the remainder of our pact is that i will not go away and leave him ever again… did that one time and he tried to kill me for it—we get along just fine–
no point to this–just sayin…..
is beautiful here in pair a dice and i plan on finding out more about many other places to be with bird before the end of my world as i know it…..

life is an adventure meant to be LIVED!!!!!!