seems that irresponsible journalism in usa is stifling the economy here in mexico, mazatlan in particular, as the  rabid reports without  proper details of bodies being found in Z or X location and how it is unsafe for tourists–  bunk and mallarky.

there has been   violence, yes, but it has been directed  towards those who are involved with   criminal activities and  drug culture.   normal tourists and cruisers are not  involved. we are safe from  problems we do not impose upon ourselves . if we remain out of the spiders web, that spider will not bite us.

come down and have a great time and stay away from bad guys and bad activities. it is not  as the reporters would have you believe– they need to fill their pockets, and they will do so  on the backs of  struggling economies as they print  whatever they believe will make  papers and  media sell.

this year , there have been 50 restaurant closures due to lack of tourism.  this is bad. is bad for the mexican culture and is bad for the usa residents who enjoy  returning to this  lovely area.  it is also bad for the mexican economy , which is struggling to remain in decent shape.