we sit here watching a few storms form and dissipate, now we have a set of fun ones being pushed by high pressure above and below into our neighborhood– puerto vallarta looks like the intended target, but mother nature has a sense of humor and plays practical jokes. thi one named jova is conjoined in twinville with irwin, and both are predicted to come this way despite our efforts to have them go to sea…
our basin is protected to a cat 3, at which time we all die…lol.. but as of this moment, the predictions are cat 3 for pv, ts for us…i like that we have a bit of a natural protection in geography of the area, and much baffling of waters as our entrance looks to have been designed with storms in mind.
so we hunker down and wait for fun and games–mebbe i should buy some party goods and have a hurrycame party on my dock…. there are many boats that are mostly unattended here and federales, as well… will be interesting to see what comes of this mayhem from the sea.
is always good to remember that the gods gave us this blessing of pair a dice and they can also take it away… seems we forget that bit all too often.
and, yes, i am staying on board until i can no longer–if is cat 3 or above, we leave, and the boats must fend for selves, but it still isnt looking like that problem will occur. unless mommy natcher has a bad twist to her humor.

yes, martha, i will take pix, and mebbe even videos, but i think yours are safe for the national geographic live aboard in a ‘cane prize…..