wonderful season–i hope everyone is happy and has a warm and cozy winter holiday…. merry christmas and happy new year’s–
is different being sola in a strange land for this season, which is a aseason of family gatherings– but i have spent these times sola many times as i worked for overtime and enjoyed the time. this is special… time of watching and repairing and getting ready for more sailing– antsy is one descriptor…we see when i am able to leave here and to where i go when the time comes– prolly go to la cruz to meet kent and eva–he named my boat so he gets a meetup. manzanillo for a minuet to meet up with a nother soul… then dunno quite where i will fly bird to., but will be southward –aiming at panama. we do have spot so i will post that when time comes….
merry christmas and happy new year,happy chanuckah, and any others i may have missed–i dont mean to miss em—is holiday season!! may it be blessed for ye all!
happy birthday momma!!!!
happy birthday to patsy, who was born on my mommas birthday!!