sailing season is coming…. rates here will skyrocket, as promised by the management–i guess all bets are off as far as who will be docking in la cruz marina in banderas bay. even the work docks are going to have pricing increases to become equal to regular rental slips…
seems there is more than one way to squeeze a turnip–i will be removing self from docks and returning to anchoring and saving some dollars, as this marina situation is killing my wallet…..
when i am finished with the repairs i want done here i will relocate to zihuatenejo for a few months then try to get as far south as possible for summer, or return of the killer ‘cane season.
at least on anchor i dont have to be concerned with the inability to afford foods vs repairs..which is more important–eating or floating……is a puzzlement at present..
i buy bubbas foods first before i buy anything other than rents….