sailed to barra de navidad via  la manzanilla–we had some difficulties–nothing serious—i chose a  mechanical  genius for a crew.  karma

barra de navidad is a  beautiful locale with  options   of either  panga rides for   shore time, or  takin g ones own dinghy to the  dock/landings.

2011 hurricane jova did some  damage to this  town– there is much scarring of the local businesses from   seas and winds.  isi a  cute lil town with   lovely  folks, as has  most of mexico.


we are sailing in    lack of wind season–engine is having   some  finnessing  while in progress–air leakage happens in  any engine, especially those havin g stood unused for a  specified time span.

we have experienced  some  decent breezes in afternoons with  minimal   winds  morning and evening.  moskitos here are most healthy and   hungry.  they   do bite hard.

hello to all—please see spot , the tracking  post here for my location…