food for when on watch–happy hand grabit food…no mess….

1 box blueberry muffinmix–iused betty crocker wild with a can of blue berries inthe box
use butter instead of oil..not margerine–real butter–in usa–use land o lakes. its the flavor….use whole milk..i used watered down media crema which has consistency of slightly thinned yoghurt
make the box recipe as stated except for those changes.
while mixing the ingredients, be heating a heavy skillet with lid on stovetop.
when batter is ready to spoon onto pan, lower heat to almost lowest heat–trying to keep the temp approx as box states for oven..i guess, it works. i use a clear top so i can see my mistakes.
ladle batter as you would ladle drop cookie dough onto a pan..
cook in skillet with top on for 15 minuets. they will be white on top and golden brown on bottom only if you have heat correct–i did biscuits this way many times before i got the hang of my stove’s quirks–is fun to go against the grain–these make great hand foods for when you are on watch at night. no mess.

took care of my blueberry muffin craving with extra left over-they eat like cookies and taste like cake….