means time in a marina with minimal amenities and reasonable summer pricing.

there is no , repeat NO wifi to boats. none zero. get your own banda ancha, and that may not work, for your 500 pesos monthly to telcel or your favorite carrier. .

no calling mom or other family members via skype.

no contacting your bank for important things or other business.
arrange own propane delivery or car pool with someone owning a vehicle here.
arrange own drinking water delivery.
uhoh make a regulator for the dock water so you dont blow hoses out … the water pressure is awesome high.
it is gorgeous here and a decent furycame hole.

do not expect on board wifi as is offered in the other marinas i have found in mexico. it is not merely not offered, it is denied. it used to be provided by the hotel, however, that change was made this summer. very interesting.

if there are any positive changes i will advise.

seems the name of the tech guy at hotel who is supposed to be repairing this intermittently delivered alleged amenity has name of carlos.
funny how only one desk guy has been able to fix the problem yet the tech guy is not able to so do…and now there is a key to the room in which modem is locked. hhmmmmm

winter rates here are, for a 40 ft   boat,  14000 pesos monthly.  peso is  12.9 to one usdollar.  fluctuations  will be noticed with fluctuation of  us dollar. NO   ON BOARD WIFI.

in summer the rate   has been 4100ish to 44 00¡ish pesos  monthly.

in winter this rate  rises to 14000pesos per month fro a small boat like mine,  itis  hard to   rationalize  no on board wifi for that fee.

and….my  bank card was  en route here.   conciergess  knew this.   she was aware of my   full name, so she didnt have the excuse   for  doing   what she did….

my  fed ex package was sent to me in a timely fashion.   everything was going ok until it got to colima.

seems it went to   water taxi dock insteadof to   desk.    man signed.   before i went to find this ,   2 days and half had passed   from time of delivery until i found this fact.  the man who signed for it   had called her multiple times with my name an d the package   was here.   i had  called  multiple times    speaking with her and she denied its existence. i spoke  decent spanish with her as i know  she  fakes her english. she wentinto machine     th e concierge named  isaias  was working with me, and  she    made a   sound when she saw the name of the signatory. she immediately disappeared and came back all smiley happy with my package.   i had already  cancelled my card and she knew it.  she caused outflow  of another  150 usd for delivery of a second card, and  was   screwing with my   ability to   obtain my own money  while here in mexico. i had just called the desk and  spoken with her about it. then i showed up in   lobby

i reported her actions, as i didnt know what else to do .

seems she was also refusing to advise   carlos about need to reset wifi and the need for  maintenance on it.   womans boss    made wifi work.   he also assured me i willno longer have a problem.