we have still engine parts to find today, and  then i    need to  leave marina for   lagoon..is happier on anchor.

banda anchqa  works…

wifi doesnt    work, despite being delivered allegedly to boats in amrina from    wannabe 5 star posher than   most places hotel.. i figger if they cannot  reliably deliver   wifi to  the locations they promise   to deliver it, that they are not 5 stars..the wifi is 1 star wifi.   i still cannot figger how th edesk guy  gets     such good results and the  tech  guy cannot make the system work.   hhmmmmmm


today we hunt   tiny parts for engine–we need the   small   rubber   gaskets/washers fro the   fuel line fittings that    fit to the  injector pump and    injectors…. this could be an interesting day.  we will be   going anywhere from 6 miles to 70 miles from   barra on bus… 70 miles is a sure thing–pump  rebuilder!!   so we will work out way there, and if find parts before  70 miles, awesome. if not…ok….we go back to  pump rebuild guy,  as  he has em.


pix of engine  colors coming soon….lol     artist putting   specialized   stuffies on it.   heeheehee