decided to dismantle boat then leave up an d quit. so much for using losers to fix equipment.

there is a guy here i have been instructed to meet as he can fix my diesel, or what..and so i am meeting him in 30 or so minuets here in colimilla.
the former alleged repair guy is named pat young and he has a green steelie that is falling apart. that boat is named dorial. i would not recommend him to anyone as he is not prone to finishing that which he begins.
yes QUITTER comes to mined.
we seeking engine repair and engines..feelers have been placed as far away as mazatlan for this 4-108 replacement if necessary–and i still need to re install fuel system, as tank was uninstalled for work..was found to be very small and with failing pick up situation.
and so i find workers and proceed onward…as one door closes another opens..this is a year of new life….new repairing and newness entirely.
is a good change.