somewhere around 0530 this am there was a splash i didnt think anything of, and then followed by some bow noises…i called bubbas name..first nothing, as usual, but not even sound of elephant feets on coach house..uhoh.. then i called again.. YOWOOOOOO!!!! and YOW!! YOW!! from below deck level….uhoh… i look down to see a dark blob of a mess on my snubber bridle and anchor chain juncture. ok. the mess is YOW ing…ok… i call bubba and he follows my voice to where dinghy is side tied to boat. he is swimming circles and even under dink..uhoh….YOW!!!
and he lays his head down to rest IN THE WATER!!..sputters as i call his name..comes closer..i couldnt get with towel..grabbed his slick maine coon mix furrz and skin and haul his exhausted catbutt into dinghy and wrap in towel. he did not shred me..uhoh…too tired to shred momms?? oops…he looked soo scared..he knew he was dying… thank gods i heard and got him out of water….

we are most lucky to still have bubba….this was way too close for comfort.

had this cat not been so tightly bonded with me he would have definitely been a goner ded drowned cat.
benefits..he does come to name and responds to name…he comes to momma, and he goes to bed. he is hungree and wants foods… other things he knows are lets brush bubba–he doesnt mind that..and some other phrases, and he doesnt mind being hugged, as i did that to him all his life–never know when you may need to have to hug cat coming out of water.
best train em to not shred ye…..
so i did add a heavy line to bow so mebbe he can save self when he does this again….

he has fallen overboard while leashed   4 times, none in past 4 years….saved self    3 of those 4 times…

what a morning!!!  is good  to   still have ships cat. he is  my buddy here.

skeereded me.