has been stuck in a very pricey place for a while and has asked me to help her find crew or a captain. i keep finding and vetting, and they keep cold feeting(QUITTING) out.
this is getting most ludicrous.
the situation is explained well and with great detail.
the guys accept the situation.
the guys actually get there decide they cannot do that which they said they can and will do..
what a crock.
are all of todays male sailing folks like this??
i do believe otherwise as i knew some righteous souls who were and are sailors.
these males today aint sailors. they are…. i dont know… picky gato feos seeking a fancy feast trip on a kibbles and bits knowledg base with no ability to flex with situations requiring flexibiltity

first crew was awesome. he was good and did a very commendable job in a tight situation. but then he hasnt yet bought a cpt license from uscg…..the ones owning that paper have so far, been fail.
i have to wonder how an alleged cpt who says he understands a situation can become part of that situation because he is not able to tolerate some alternatives unfamiliar to him. buy a cpt license to drive tourists around a bay in a stinkpot, or use it to actually make a difference.
if you contract to do something, turning around because of fear is tolerable, however, turning around because suddenly you FEEL someone hasnt the ability, despite having proven otherwise, and in a boat that, according to the individual holdiing the credential paper suddenly is not seaworthy, after having traversed a canal and thousands of miles of caribbean and atlantic etc on way to pacific..
i am totally amazed at the behaviours i have been unfortunate enough to have heard of via the friend who is continuing to seek capable crew..  this has been shameful.

now this  friend is sola-ing   to puntarenas to  find more   allegedly capable souls to help her achieve her goal……