20131222_183711has been due to lack of news other than the usual this place is gorgeous omy i am so broke and we are repairing engine..

ok …
is an el niño year weather wise….could well be an informative weather experience …. wonder if we have more or fewer furycames on west coast this summer … .
only time will tell..
the winds of pre summer seem to be here now. we are sittting here with 25 kt gusts..ooooh,,,that was higher even yet..lol is not as fun as sailing in this stuff..is what these winds are made for..SAILING!!!
we have a friend sailing north from panama… she should be here by end april, mebbe, or mid may, my favorite time to arrive here..in middle of pre summer blow jobs from momma nature to 37 and 40 kts winds…. whoot….i think we might see a premature cyclonic event this mid to end may..we see….hope not–
speaking of wind, margo gets both papagayo and tehuantepec while on her way.. we see how it fares for her…. hope her timing is perfect so she can be here and tucked in for a bit by furycame  formation time.
hopefully no one gets too much wind …. at least not more than is handle-able.
as for the rescue at sea of hans christian 36 sv rebel heart erik and charlotte kaufmann and their sick baby… best of wishes for her recovery, whatever it was got her ill. so many rumors.. first was heart condition. then urticaria with other symptoms…itchiness isnt emergent but heart is, rescue at sea from a crippled sailboat. so much to learn.

as for the bird…. awesomeness of awesomenesses… we have arranged for delivery of engine in may , mechanic stated it will be easier from a dock as opposed to at anchor to install this baby….soooooo…
after that, we will make a fuel tank for birdee, built into boat..
as it is windier than stink here now and getting more so…chickensh** me will place into marina asap and spend 3 months renta at a time for better rates….crossing fingers and eyes…..
bubba hates wind,,,hurts his ears, poor baby

so far i have not been able to obtain a deal from the jefe at marina here, as everyone else has been able to do, so my fisherman friend  who hooked me up  with mechanic  is working on this for me….they are spozedly friends together, so we see.. if not by tues, i will go in to make a deal for myself… we see what transpires. i want to  bring boat in earlier than may  1. is too late this year..last year i waited until june 1  but this place was packed until then.  there are only    three boats here in anchorage  now who are cruisers, and 3 locals anchored. the marina   wil probably empty out more as  summer   approaches as  many have comprehensive insurance  that  does not cover damages here in summer between   the    dates   assigned for formation of major named storms.

i will advise.