ok i have communicated with tradewinds, with alex.
seems i can afford these parts on payday and i am 150 usd towards my machinist pay….
life rocks… all things come in time….





spoke with     mechanic  yesterday and the     price has been reduced   some so i can afford it all…whooooot!!!

and i saw pix of inside my    looked   decent engine..lol…just goes to show ye   when something dont start there may be a  damfine reason…everything,    yes EVERYTHING inside block was twisted and   screwed up hard…. the only goo d remaining parts were literally the cam and crank,   and block.   wow… we did gooooood job of trashing innards of   ka lunk.. so…   heeere·s mechanic..  señor maestro diaz is  miracle worker, and we be   going again, engine-wise in may… whoot.. then  we make a tank.