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donny with his   ear to ear silly grin, with sally.

donny with his ear to ear silly grin, with sally.

10606406_10204319203250459_8070972288750327474_nheading to phoenix sat aug 30 to be with parents and siblings during this acute time of family loss.
donnys spirit was huge..it still is huge and always will be huge. he was a gentle caring giving soul with much hurt and damages. he was my brother. he was always special soul. i wish i could have protected him better.
so many things stream thru the brain in these times. silly and serious stuff all made of the stuff of memories.
donny was a good soul. he will live on, doesnt matter what he did or has done. yes , he is my brother and i love him dearly.

i miss him very much, as do we all.  he was my brother for 65 years.   what is not to miss.


all he wanted was to be free……



donny, you are  sooo loved.