as usual.

and now we have our    paperworks  in progress, finally, after   x number fone calls to virginny and    emails.. wow so many..and ..whew,  finally . i have the receipt for  the uscg  use of my card for   documentation.


did i say finally..

and so the search  continues for the filter housings i need  for the  engine  to remain  awesome  despite being used   in a hostile to it environment.  cartridges re easily found, but the housings….

and now i see i need to replace the trident exhaust hose. ok.. there are hose   stores in mexico– not certain  of where closest  one is..  will find easily enough..if all else fails,  use a taxi. the drivers know a   lot  and  are  locals, so nothong is without  access…

found some  zipties for temporary  clamping of   booms.. we might try to fly the mizzen and jib, or parts of each, if……

this  boat will be soooo happy to see next port, as i promised her a  transformation, of sorts–kinda a partial makeover, and a bottom  job/haulout.