so we stuck here a  tad more time as we have experienced some fun  not anticipated, per norm.  trying to make mazatlan   this fall/winter season.

the search for  filters and water separators brought us to casa de  pescadores, the local  fishermans store and chandlery in manzanillo, wherein there are sooomany things my boat is now demanding.   oops

anyway, as we repair we reinforced our learning that  there is more to repair before it is    done, and might as well fix entire thing  than   bandaid it together 12   times..

i figgered there is a system by system   replacement  statute of limitations.    but,  boats the age of mine–damnear 40 yrs old, need all systems completely replaced. ok we will do that.

so, as  we await  departure for mazatlan from here,  we  fixing more than we figgered to fix here.. the mizzen boom is high on the list so i can  actually sail jib n jigger to maz  with  some machinery accompaniment,   rather than the other way around.    much preferable

and so dad went into skilled nursing care section of their   old folks’  place,  just around  3rd or 4th, birthday time.  was too busy   being frauded out of  the contents of my bank card, which has been   very flustrating.

Never ever buy anything with a card at home depot or  walmart.   gggrrr

new card is on its way and  life is good.  bank  investigating the fraud, spozed to  get the money back that was  stolen  from my  account via my card numbers.

crossing fingers as i typo…