ok so  as summer goes on  we   doing our repairs over and over  yet again, as it seems same things  always break  no matter how well  ye fix em first time.    but then i have been here a day or two  so i suppose i need to take that into account.

and when it rains it pours….  boat needs repairs,  dad is   on his way to   wherever donny is, and  …….

so i have fuel filters, finally, and  need to plumb em into   fuel lines. i stil need sr diaz to come    finesse engine before leaving, dont know exatly when that will happen.  i still need to find  some   new hoses for   exhaust and …..

still need crew–now that there is no local work due to  no tourists at this time of year, i am being fought over.   money here is always short in sept and oct.

was going to have a new boom for the  trip north, but that seems to   have met an impasse. damn i was so looking forward to that new  piece of boat to use.    so instead  10520895_840352075976985_2072390975250470855_n

i will be  patching and wrapping what i have    so hopefully it makes it to mazatlan without killing me or bubba.

is kinda hard to concentrate on the business of repairs when  the life   of a family member is waning, especially the    one who  gave us life and breathe and kept us fed and clothed   as we   were raised by him n momma.  he did a good job of providing.

i hope his passing is peaceful.  this is hard to watch. was difficult when i was working,  but up close and personal is a different   kind of  watching.  kinda  messes up the ability to concentrate on   the lil things, like what day is it, and  what do i have to do.

visa is due to renew at this time, as well…  should be  completed by  end oct,  so then i will be able to relocate easily  and  without the visa hassle over my head.

still hoping to be in mazatlan  as soon as i  can manage that…had to redo some   work that was allegedly already done–but was fail, as   some gave me a hella shock   to paw when i went in to a cabinet that was not spozed to have  live  137v wire hanging around.. oops…   that hurt for a coupla days.  wish i could trust the work that was allegedly done  when the  person  who was allegedly assisting in the alleged repairs, but i cannot.  so that was 6 months of   fail   that  had to be re configured for safety  ….. so many things,  a few of which i  yet neeed to find..  cannot go to open ocean with  the   results of sabotage under my  butt….. i want to live thru this intact, boat, cat, and self.

and i have found  items i am saving for    to use on boat when i  leave–  a shifter and throttle   assembly that is   two instead of one lever, so i can experience a miracle in   operating   this  engine and boat…ease in   function..milagro.   ok is on list….

and…….  so repairs continue. what i can do here i do not have to do in mazatlan.

and i  understand i have a brand new  toilet awaiting me in   guaymas…  must get to my destination….  that  new head is    a  bright goal in my   life at present… imagine  getting happy   just because you are getting a new  toilet…  ok so my life is a lil dull right now, but….  repairs are in progress, slowly, and i am  still making my plans in wet sand.

go in  peace  dad and watch over momma….

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