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ok  so last year my brother donny died, in late august , the same day i  heard my engine run first time since runaway.

then this year, dad’s turn.   ok so it has been a helluva year.

donny was cremated, memorialized in arizona veterans memorial cemetery, dad, also burnt n turnt,  is to be memorialized on the  16th, also  arizona  veterans memorial cemetery.  his  baby brother and his  wife will also be  in attendance. momma doesnt know who is gonna be there until they are.

donny was a surprise, dad was kinda expected.  he faded  faster after donny  died.

and now i get to my lack of motorvations and lack of energies and lack of  …….

was gonna make a boom.


awesome so exciting.lookinmg forward  big  time to that…  woulda helped my trip  go better to mazatlan…. but there is no glue here..   ok.  so that  is out.

plan for later…after i sail to mazatlan with a  bad nasty mizzen boom. ok

will figgerout how to wrap it, as suggested by a wood boat friend.

reversing the   alleged work done by the   person from florida..so much  he   messed up and made inop.  ok that is  fixable.  is only time and money

got my  racor 500s , all both of em.. now  to  buy hoses and install em.

but first ….

is visa time.  again.

last time was temporal,  2 yrs ago. this year is mandatory permanente.

ok i  can deal with that..is less money paid out.  i win. gives me more privileges and i only have to do it once.  ok   i likee.

gotta go to manzanillo for that.  and as i am scattered a bit,  of late, i  hired a facilitator to assist with the forms i cannot fill out when i am stresed.

i think i am stressed.  cannot   fillout forms well anymore for a  bit.  ok no sweat..just   find folks who can.

boat  is   wishing she were in mazatlan with  a new bottom on her –that will be, but the   speedbumps encountered are   not yieldiing at this time.. much to  yet do.

and the continuing epic saga toilet misadventure….continues…gggrrr….  soi think i only have 2 hoses  left which could be the  culprits…  what a looong slow trek it has been.

was sent to melaque for imigration.   turns out i get to return to manzanillo, as colima estado is manzanillos  territory.   have a ride thursday, as weds is  independencia.  fiesta time.

i gather ye have figgered i aint got much happening at this time…   was a screeching kinda halt for a bit.  am still readying   for the  mazatlan  misadventure, will find crew to assist this boat in its progression  to the city.  stilll need someone to engine sit and bilge watch as we travel.

good thing is only  300 miles

i feel as if i felloutta da tree….