12115925_1057820314230159_3872687259979875761_n ZDknzZf     the mother of all unholy things in existence has been unleashed.
we getting a cat 5 landfall, merely miles north of us if north of us at all. fawk. ok.
we test the hurricane hole capabilities of this location. ohmotherofalldogs, i am not looking forward to this.

never before in history of this area has a category 5   or 4  major  furycame ever hit this southest coast of  mexico
i am not looking forward to the damages in this area.

testing 1…. 2…. 3 …

i am not looking forward to potential loss of all i own. . yet i am ready as i will ever get.

how well can one prepare for a category 5 hit in a small town marina in a pueblo in pacific mexico.

i pray for reprieve for this  lovely little puebla.  i hope the track   moves away from this  fishing villlage.


pray for track more to northwest of us for this mean nasty beautiful bitch please. may she hit somewhere unpopulated, please.