ok so that bitch   is gone thank gods.  whew it wasnt a good storm. beautiful and destructive in its center thank  gods it didnt hit first here.  we did  get eye , however and was a good opportunity to pump  bilges… the boarding ladder was   still in place before  eyeball  came. after, then all hell broke loose..

wow was immense.

however it did hit la perula, which is now no more .  nor  are the inhabitants there anymore…  whoosh out to sea. gone./ not even a bye bye.   ok

part of la manzanilla se  fue also.    but then a  furycame hit the living hellout of these areas.  the strongest one ever measured  wow.  879 mb..  sheesh and we lived thru it.  awesome.

caroline set   a  go fund me for  repairs  to bird but  mine are   not much.  what i wanna do is donate   to the   places that need it most  and with least good fortune.

so i need a  boarding ladder and an 02cool fan. that aint much.  oh yes and a can of  white   epoxy  type paint. no problem comex is having a 28 percent off sale soon.   whoot  there we go. life rocks. \


do not ever  take your poor  cat out into a freeking furyucame.   especially not  twice. poor baby has ptsd and peed self and smells sccared  even  to now.  yukky smell.  next time we remain on boat. sorry folks is safer on boat.

oh yeah  4.5  foot seas in lagoon.   omy..and the canals   with houses and  cabo  blanco–omygods   biiig  as rebound seas  from the incoming   4.5 footers were awesome. 3 boats left that area and went to land. fuel dock left. gone.   one pump remains, and is stripped.   the hotel  water taxi dock went away..  new and gone., oh well…one in mangroves decided to  go walkabout–a  nice ericson 35mII  named corsario, which belongs to  a   12032243_1061456970533160_8053313653082067958_n 12112077_1060974413914749_1109414954426051578_n 12108072_1059999560678901_1528257119804075518_n 12032283_1061349377210586_7206090683180376553_n 12032056_1061613710517486_8722424836376796708_n 12036531_1061808203831370_537082149571382653_n 12106791_1061808303831360_6778144687006807798_n 12019918_1061808267164697_4709091673954048610_n 12042813_1061808253831365_4923128736842693750_n 11039799_1061808497164674_3504784544053649880_n 12140766_1061808527164671_5725652447015842299_n 12063775_1061808573831333_737449487587301817_n 12047074_1062284100450447_2548957117974732402_n 12036613_1062284393783751_7430346191705545975_n 12046983_1062284883783702_6988551312038706533_n 12119054_1062288697116654_3689201930734819342_n 1948142_1062286297116894_6440682309918192758_n 12190922_1062286803783510_5106803966873909158_n 12009728_1062288013783389_8849203709157621139_n 12189000_1062288430450014_6466684626789489254_n 12049312_1062288640449993_8523624784614620869_n 11219106_1062288787116645_9078145302183172841_n 11951948_1062758847069639_3703091229293665293_n 12049691_1062518477093676_6271149169277371951_n

rmexifriend here.

no major damages in marina   under the  posh hotel.   marina puerta navidad or puerta nueva  de navidad. good place..   awesome response

and someone lost a bulk cargo carrier loaded with grains  on the rocks just outside this   rock… seems the storm had other ideas as to where the ship should go and took it as a sacrifice. crew   all saved .

i rate this  cane hole 4 stars cane hole.   come on down folks we rock here.