the emotional paralysis of the past year  is still   pulling  my  mtorvation to a  hallt.. i am  pushing against it,  yet  there comes a time in day  when i  have t o let it win.   damn i am  really finding it old, n ow,   and  so i  push onward.

so today i contacted with my mechanic,   awesome, now i can  mechanically progress.

that will help a lot.

i need some progress now.

and so i took a look a tm y mizzen boom and saw nope and nope.

is it repairable.     —     nope.

is it safe to maintain as a suncover without the sail or anything but some line keeping it immobile??  do not know.  may not be even that good.

ok.  will strip it and see what i can  do to  keep it in place until i can   create new in  mazatlan. if i could do it now–   i would.   that would be optimal. hell,  i already paid   some for the  starting of the  unstarted project.  1500 pesos.  ok.   another loss i cannot actually afford but must sukup..    no sweat. i am  indefreekingpendent.

looks like the  rapidly advanced and advancing rot had some   assistance  in   growth.  wood is paper thin that was still healthy  last year  .

it pays to inspect ypur  tropically located  wood spars  more often  every 6 months

not truly  looking forward to this upcoming  misadventure with joy at this time.