ohmy such awesome good fortune!!!!!!
el senor diaz, maestro de machinas de diesel has been here agrees to fix machine perfect and mebbe if he can overcome seasickness, accompany us to mazatlan. whew we not sink that way.. whooot..
a carpenter actually works here in marina whoooot!!!!! i showed him boomand missing ladder and one other thing– yes i has a woodworker, now to find help to remove sail and boom from boat to rebuild whoooot..
and i still need a packing gland packer with mcguyver skills to create a nut keeper for the unit so we dont have problems while underway and we are gonna make it ok.. whoot and fookinhooraay!!!!!
and chebio the electrickery magician to reverse what the cabron de floriduh did to my boat.. and i can go without qualms yet again into the deep angry ocean and deal with momma natures whims much better.
once around cabo corrientes, wind should be abeam, so mizzen and jib will work perfect to get me into mazatlan.. whoooot…
now i cross EVERYTHING so i have progress and good fortune.anyone got a shamrock or 4 leafed clover for best luck????

changing my life for the better.  lifeis how we choose it to be.many do not understand this. they think th ebad fortune intheir lives is due to other forces.. ha haha lo siento , pero is our own choices to live or not live.  to be happy  or not be happy.

personally, i choose happiness over   misery  every day of the  year, forever.  now, as i am rid of falsle friends and   slaggards and other negative influences, —  excelsior!!! onward ever  upward.

ye know it aint easy overcoming emotional and spiritual paralysis….sr diaz  looks sooo  good now–his wife  and soulmate died last year in fall, he looked   very lost and old.   today i saw him and was sooo happy heis poco a poco   getting  better. his eyes  sparkked at the sight of his engine, and he smiled so   nicely.  the sound of the beautiful engine inmy bays  was enough to makke both of  us ssmile  biiig  sincere face consuming smiles.

and so we  replace all rubber and  rebuild  fresh water pump and prepare for this trip into the unknown, which i have done   downhill before.   it isnt bad except the cabo  corrientes part near the rocks and    currents.  if i getthere at   rising tide, one setof conditions exists, and  ebbing tide  brings a  totally different situation.  yes i want to be far enough off to avoid the tidal influence and  close enough to avoid the isla  ….

sounds easy enough…….

with faith inmy boat i can  sail farther off the rocks than  if  my boat were    not up to it.   new boom and   perfect engine..no sudar. we rockin this  passage. might be a  6 pizza passage………