if canes didnt add to wood rot i didnt know was so awesome ly advanced under white paint.   ok , next time no white paint. i wanna SEE the  bludi rot, thankyou, not count on decent wood when it aint so.

oh   by the way..  never presume your taiwanese boat had   spruce spars.. rodlmffao.

seems mine are   made of  no longer vailable  green teak .


beautiful  boom and it is covered in white paint.   gag cough choke spew…oops.. kids present…so what do i wanna cover the epoxy with after my parota wood  spars are created????



with chopped off masts i can half mast it into mazatlan  …. with   full spars i will die.


easy choice. where’s the  damn sawzall….wish  it were that easy….. we will know soon what the agenda is for this repair.  yes it will be done prolly  completed in mazatlan.  there is no crane here for pulling masts.   this does  solve the problem of the windmill removal, however…..   wont have to climb to remove– lower down easily–electricity is  dismantled first by patricia then uninstalled inside by me…. soooo…..  momma nature is  facilitating my repairs.. just hoping for a window  during which  repairs do not scream at me  to be done asap….

i will   take pix of  boom innards so y’all can  see the beautiful wood..  wish  it were still gorgeous not rotty.

and to  design   sail cover that is kinder to  teak wood  booms….  donot wish this again.  even if it was damnnear 40 years before problems happened…and, no wonder my masts had such healthy bases….rodl.


i have seen a roller furl set up that  could well work, as booms would be left without covers and sail is loose footed, which is  fine.  i will be checking htis out in mazatlan.. i saw  this set up on lung ta and  then a similar set up  on the mainsail of a   newly purchased boat of a friend…   could well keep the  rain out of th e  wooden boom.   i would have to find new homes for the    battens–is a fully battened  smaller than original mainsail.  and a sewing machine…  will definiitely need one of those


i will be having  masts inspected before further misadventures in wood creations.  the  carpintero agrees. mebbe we can  raise his son up   mast  once we know it is ok and strong….   i need   desperately to tighten my triatic stay. and tune rig, as triatic is  floppy and  very loose.   i know the rake of masts is  helping that  be as it is,  and  4 yrs of not being  addressed….. was fine before i  became stuck in pair a dice…